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Illinois Mobile Fingerprint Scanning Service

Medical Cannabis

School districts, law enforcement and child welfare agencies are further improving measures to protect ourchildren. Fingerprint-based  background checks are one more step to ensure employees, volunteers, and caregivers keep our children safe.

Our mobile scanning service offers electronic fingerprinting for Illinois Medical Cannabis card applicants, distributors and cultivators. Electronic fingerprints aid in the background check process. The results are sent directly to the requesting agency and are a requirement of the application process.

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Illinois Mobile Scanning Service. We come to your business for ease of obtaining live scan fingerprint-based background checks. 

​Livescan fingerprinting is a technological development of forensic science that makes it possible for a fingerprint to be taken electronically and sent to law enforcement for identification. Livescan fingerprinting is inkless and it captures the fingerprint digitally on a computer. The prints are then forwarded electronically to the FBI, or Illinois State Police for a criminal background check or for other purposes.

Registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and other healthcare workers are required by law to be fingerprinted as a part of the criminal background check process. Our mobile fingerprinting services make it even easier for employees to obtain a Livescan fingerprint-based background check.